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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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scraped ice off the windshield today you will be doing it tomorrow. the east bay and the south bay and, look at this, in the south bay, kupcou low 40s. get a slight wind and it's even feeling like the upper 30s with the windchill out here. freeze warning right now continues for the north bay and also for pleasanton, liver are more, the tri-valley and to the south bay. we'll find a combination of 20s and 30s for most of our interior valleys but up into the north bay the widespread coldest number dropping into the 20s. this is the kind of weather the next two to three days in the morning hours with prolonged cold temperatures that will likely kill plants if you don't cover them up and may give us crop damage throughout parts of california. prost advisory near the bay, slightly warmer here. overall you need to take in the pets and protect the plants. in san jose, last time it was this cold for this long of a stretch was back on january 9 through the 19th of 2012.
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it's been about a year since we've had weather like this so remember to bundle up and wear those layers. we have some warming coming up in a few minutes. it feels like green bay around here. guess who is in town tonight? the green bay packers. the big playoff game is now less than 24 hours away. the 49ers, packers at candlestick. the san francisco skyline showing off the city's team spirit. at city hall the 49ers flag is flying high with hopes this win tomorrow, if they win, will pave the way to new orleans, the site of the super bowl. preparations are under way, course, at candlestick. the game is sold out. it will be cold as jeff said, but some people are already tailgating. you see the parking lot. huey lewis and the news will will sing the national anthem. e-40 will perform at halftime. the real excitement is what's going to happen on the field. >> they embrace that put up or shut up, that win or you go
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home. and they're excited about it. there's no more fun you can have than winning a playoff game. the game will hang in the balance. every play like this could be your last. i think that's the mind set of our team. >> jim harbaugh in an exclusive sitdown interview with us. coming up later, we'll have a lot more with coach harbaugh. he talks about his quarterback issue and the help of his key players. >> well, it landed safely and then it took off without a hitch. the new dreamliner, a luxurious boeing 787 being used by al-nippon airlines. it made its first appearance this morning. but the airliner itself arrived with some baggage. after the faa ordered a safety probe of the entire fleet. damian trujillo is live. damian, how worried are officials at the airport about the dreamliner? >> reporter: you know, actually, jessica, there isn't too much concern. i did speak with the chairman
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today and with the former secretary of transportation. and both gave the dreamliner the thumbs up. >> here it is, folks. >> reporter: in her maiden flight she landed safely in san jose international airport. direct flight between san jose and tokyo, and those passengers are riding on boeing's new 787, the dreamliner. the arrival of the giant airliner was big enough to draw the u.s. ambassador to japan. >> there will be tremendous opportunities for business, for tourism. we are making a direct route between the lead er in the worl in technology and a technical giant in japan. >> reporter: but today's inaugural flight came just hours after the faa announced the new safety probe of the dreamliner fleet after reports of a fuel leak and a smoldering fire in a
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787. the chairman says he has not spoken directly to the faa about the probe, so he couldn't comment officially. but through a translator he backed up his trust in the fleet. >> we feel confident about the safety and then the service we can provide. >> i'm confident enough to board this flight today. >> reporter: it is named after norm minetta, second of transportation during 9/11 and says the feds are right to call for a probe. >> oh, absolutely. you can't just sweep it under the rug. you have to deal with it. and i think that's what they are doing. >> reporter: the faa is not grounding the fleet and he says that's a good thing unless the problems with the dreamliner keep popping up. for now they're celebrating the dreamliner and direct service to japan could mean for the silicon valley. >> when we can open up silicon
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valley to the rest of asia, it's a great opportunity on both sides of the pacific. >> reporter: an opportunity business leaders hope is about to take off. direct flights to tokyo last about 11 hours, i'm told. so this inaugural flight should arrive in tokyo just before midnight tonight. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. days after an oil tanker struck a tower of the bay bridge, the coast guard is calling for a review of the rules for large ships maneuvering in fog near the span. and speaking of that ship, today a tugboat escorted the "overseas remar" out of the bay after it was claeeared to lift anchor. the ship has been detained since monday morning when it sideswiped the bay bridge. investigators interviewed crew members, collected evidence and made a safety inspection. the coast guard determined the accident did not lead to an oil
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spill. >> up to 10,000 people are expected to crowd into the crossroads of the west gun show at the cal palace this weekend. and they can also expect protesters to be there to greet them. this weekend's show includes more than 150 vendors selling everything from guns and ammunition to knifes and jewelry. crossroads official estimate attendance at their shows has roughly doubled and they attribute the increase to concerns congress and the president are about to approve stricter gun laws. the gun show's owner bob temp templeton was one discussing the proposal with vice president joe biden this week. >> we'd like to see mental health issues addressed. we feel we need more community health resources. those are the things we think need to be addressed before we go down the road, the slippery slope of gun control. >> congressman mike tompson of napa will chair a gun violence task force that will be meeting on monday. it is expected they will begin
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considering a new federal assault weapons ban and other changes as well. >> in the east bay a new twist tonight in the complicated investigation into a deadly home invasion. several of the suspects are out of jail tonight and the district attorney has returned to the case to the pittsburgh police department. the case began when a 54-year-old intruder was killed by the resident during an apparent burglary. this hammed on tuesday. police arrested the resident's estranged wife and three other men. they say the wave and her lover set up the home invasion to frighten the husband. the follow-up in the case of a vallejo man accused of killing his own mother. in court today he yelled his confession to that crime. the d.a. tells us that at his arraignment dennis stanworth sobbed saying, i plead guilty to everything i did. this is the third time. police say he first called them confessing he killed his mother at had his vallejo home.
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her body was found on the property outside of the house. now it turns out it wasn't his first blush with the law n. 1966 he confessed to the rape and murder of two 15-year-old girls. he was convicted of those crimes and sentenced to death, but that sentence was later reduced and he was ultimately paroled in 1990. still ahead here at 6:00, new evidence in a case that baffled bay area investigators. the never before scene video of the convicted killer in the case of a missing nursing student michelle le. >> and did he do it on his own? the case that sparked a man hunt. >> a way to reach out and touch mark zuckerberg but it will cost you. the newest facebook plan to make money. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures continuing to drop here across the bay area. plenty of mid-40s throughout the east bay and 48 in san jose. and how about the 49ers game on saturday?
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it's going to be cold. wind chills could make it feel like the upper 30s. i'm back with your full weekend forecast in minutes.
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the search is on for this man who escaped custody. he was being driven to highland hospital in oakland for a routine appointment. the alameda sheriff's department says at some point during the ride from jail to the hospital, he got out of the leg irons and waist and hand restraints. as soon as he got to the hospital, he took off running. police found his jail clothes. detectives are on the scene of the city's latest homicide. it comes at a critical time when officials have a key deadline in a battle that could end with the feds taking control of the police department. jodi hernandez joins us live in
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oakland and, jodi, this is exactly what mayor kwan and the chief don't want. >> reporter: i can tell you we, for now, are on the scene of a homicide just on the other side of the park here. homicide investigators are investigating a body. someone called in about 3:00 this afternoon saying there was a body laying in the roadway. mean while, as you mentioned, scenes like that have become all too common here in the city of oakland. but some unprecedented help could be on the way. oakland some side investigators are on the scene of their third killing of the new year. while the homicide rate shows no signs of slowing down, big changes are on the way that could help the police department get a handle on things. >> i'm hopeful that we get into compliance and the crime goes down. >> reporter: civil rights
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attorneys and city lead remembers submitting their picks for oakland's new compliance director. a person appointed by a federal judge to make sure the department makes mandated reform. that person will have the authority to make day-to-day changes, even fire the police chief and his command staff if he sees fit. >> this is a very high-profile job for many people in law enforcement, police chiefs, because it is the first of its kind. it is a job that you can do well. it will enhance your career. >> reporter: attorney john burris says people have been lining up to comply but not everyone is convinced better times lie ahead. william bratton also coming onboard. there will be too many cooks in the kitchen. >> it seems to me that we have a lot of elbows jostling each other. a lot of different agendas. a lot of different fill os fis
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about what works and what doesn't. >> this is our chance to turn the department around and move it in the right direction. we have the people in place and with a little help from the court i think we will get there. >> reporter: again, homicide investigators are still on the scene here at diamond park. we are told the victim and man apparently died from gunshot wounds. meanwhile, there is a lot of hope in oakland that new compliance director will help turn things around. we are told that director should be in place some time next month. reporting hiv in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a family in marin city is dealing with tragedy. their 17 year year son was shot and killed during a visit home. the victim is williams. marin county deputies received several 911 calls of shots fired just after midnight on friday. when they arrived neighbors had come out to help and first responders tried cpr but williams was pronounced dead at the scene.
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his sisters did not want to give full names but say he did not have any enemies and just returned home. >> basically somebody just got confused. they didn't know him. he's not from out here. nobody out here knows him. >> once again, that shooting was early this morning. deputies are asking for the public's help. the family says they have had trouble in the past. less than a year ago shots were fired into their home and the williams sisters were harassed. unsightly, to say the least. palo alto police searching for a subject who has been exposing himself to women in the area. it's happened twice in the last two days. yesterday morning a woman at a fitness center was flashed by a man outside of the window. the days before it happened in the parking lot less than a half mile away. police do think it's the same man, he's been described as maybe 20 something, caucasian, about 6'2" and 180 pound, dark
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brown hair. they are advising women to be aware of their surroundings and to report anything suspicious. >> what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. the world famous consumer electronics show is wrapping up and we have one of the cool new produc products. >> that is our scott budman. business and tech reporter scott budman is back. he has the stats from that show. >> very kind. i wouldn't use the term cool and certainly not new but, thanks, guys. it was a big show and one this year that got even bigger. ces wrapping up and packing up. we have a few numbers in terms of space, exhibitors, the show broke records this year. more than 150,000 people perusing gadgets from more than 3,200 companies. we will bring you 30 minutes of highlights from the show a week from tomorrow, next saturday night at 6:30. from gadgets to your wallet, protecting new homeowners that
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might hurt some bay area residents. the new plan says your mortgage payment can not be more than 43% of your monthly gross income. it sounds like a good idea but here in the bay area because of the high home prices it could leave some potential home buyers out of luck. the just announce d policy goes into effect next year. banks, meanwhile, are healthy as they've been in years. wells fargo, the biggest bank. wells reporting earnings this morning and says it brought in record profits, revenues the last three months, nearly $22 billion. cisco systems is being sued for its latest advertising slogan. east carolina university says the san jose company's slogan, tomorrow starts here, is owned by the university. cisco, which kicked off a $100 million tomorrow starts here campaign, says it's surprised by the lawsuit. and if you're sitting on that great idea for the next best thing but don't know who to talk to, this guy, mark zuckerberg. making news today because his company is testing a new message
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feature that will let you send zuckerberg a message directly for $100. part of a test to see what users are willing to pay to send messages to people they're not connected to. raj, what do you say? $100 to reach a ceo? >> do i know anybody that knows him that could just send him a message? >> scott spent a week in las vegas. how does he look? a little tired? >> he's a good boy. all right, let's turn this over to jeff ranieri. cold tomorrow morning, right? that's right. it's going to be getting even chillier out here. daytime highs today did drop off from what we had yesterday and it's just kind of that residual effect. each and every day we start off cold, every afternoon will continue to get chillier. 54 in san rafael. 50 in livermore. some cloud cover because it's slightly warmer in san jose with 57 degrees. we had below average temperatures and right now we're
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not wasting any time. 47 in santa rosa. 48 in sunnyvale and 48 currently in san jose and back in the east bay getting close to the 30s in danville, pleasanton. let's take you outside to our live camera network and it's clear here in san jose tonight. we did have the cloud cover back to the santa cruz mountains but that's going to do little in the way of stopping cold temperatures and up here into san francisco it is brilliant. excellent visibility, and you'll be able to see those city lights for miles. back in oakland,s looking for san francisco, one of those memorable nights where it's going to look gorgeous everywhere. freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect. the coldest zone, please remember to take those pets inside. we're not only looking at one night of cold weather but possibly the next three to four overnight where temperatures will be dropping down into the 20s and also the 30s and, yes, you need the layers. with all of this cold air it's
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going to be hard for you to stay warm once that wind starts blowing. trough of low pressure here across most of california that will keep the cold dome of air, some of the coldest not only of the season but the past 12 months and here we go for tomorrow. keep some clouds with us, temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s and we'll also get some sun. more coming up later on in the show, you gays. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, miss iing nearly 2 years. the single clue that finally helped investigators crack a kidnapping case. >> and do they really have the answer? researchers at stanford have a dire prediction for our civilization that it might end and the changes they say could turn things around.
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two stanford biologists have issued a report saying our civilization is heading towards collapse. there is some good news here. they're offering a road map for how to save it. paul erlich and his wife, ann,
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authored this report. paul says overpopulation is driving the collapse of society and the best way to control it is to give women equal rights. if women have jobs and equal opportunities, they can harness their intellect to help solve the problem, our society can. more needs to be done to, in his words, humanly lower birth rates. >> in the united states, the president should get up and say patriotic americans stop it, too, have one if possible. don't feel bad if you have none. what we're really thinking about is what future generations are going to do, how our children are going to live. it's not the number of children you want. it's what kind of world are your children going to inherit? >> we should reduce our use of fossil fuels. instead of worrying about the fiscal cliff we should be much more concerned with preserving our limited natural resources. britain's prince charles commended the report. still ahead at 6:00, she was as familiar as any landmark. the bay area is mourning one of
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its most recognizable citizens tonight. and i'm janelle wang. a quicker transition. president obama gives an update on america's exit strategy in afghanistan. why a high school student opened fire on his classmates coming up in the world tonight. i'm sam brock. california's budget will have two years, just pools of red ink but an optimistic governor says our deficit is gone. if only the numbers backed up his case. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] after years of steep cuts and grim economic news california has finally eliminated its debt and has a budget surplus. or do we? >> governor brown unveiled his new budget and to the surprise of many declared a breakthrough. no deficit for 2014. in tonight's reality check sam brock discovers were the optimism and numbers may not hold water. sam? do you recall the measure prop 30? the tax hike he pled with
6:27 pm
californians to pass. so it stands to reason that governor brown would like to see a balanced budget. but numbers don't lie. not all the numbers support the governor's claim. >> but we have to live within the means we have. otherw otherwise we get to that situation where you get red ink and we go back to cuts. >> reporter: governor jerry brown told californians the ink has dried up for now. brown says they will have a $1 billion surplus to play with. but the nonpartisan legislative analysts office or lao, in a forecast less than two months old says california will have a $1.9 billion deficit. so who should we believe? >> i don't know the answer to that. i mean, you have two different set of analysts looking at the same data.
6:28 pm
>> reporter: dr. john ellwood teaching at the goldman school of public policy at berkeley for two decades is a budgetary expert. he says discrepancies in the numbers are based on different assumptions. in this case the governor assuming the state will collect higher amounts of higher income and sales tax revenues, and cap and trade savings that the lao says is unlikely to materialize. i asked dr. ellwood whose track record is better. >> lao. it's in the incentive of the exec it tiff branch when you propose a change, you assume the change won't work the way you say so. the lao, on the other hand, is not working for either the left or the right. they are trying to give you the best estimate of the change. >> reporter: there's also another element not being discussed here that the governor's budget also assumes, quote, that a recession potentially caused by national
6:29 pm
fiscal policy is avoided, closed quote. the outcome of the debt ceiling debates will have a major impact. >> if, in fact, the president and congress cannot agree on the debt limit, you could have walking disaster. that will take down the american economy and all states. >> not very encouraging. we should and will redevelop some legislation, prop 30. a different reality that we still have a deficit. the lao will be releasing a new report on monday. sam brock, nbc bay area news. back to you. >> thank you very much, sam. a united front today. president obama and afghan president hamid karzai appeared together to talk about the
6:30 pm
future of afghanistan. nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with our world tonight. the two announced they are going to speed things up slightly when it comes to transitioning military control. the afghan army is exceeding initial expectations so they will take the lead this spring rather than this summer as planned. u.s. forces will then shift to a supporting role. currently the afghan army is leading 80% of the on 0 racials there and by next month it will be at 90%. >> our plans will continue to bring our forces home at a steady pace and in the coming months i'll announce the next phase of our drawdown to protect the gains our troops have made. >> there are 56,000, most will leave by the end of 2014 but some u.s. commanders are proposing that 10,000 remain to continue training afghan soldiers and battling terrorists. france has sent troops to fight al qaeda. one of the last areas still
6:31 pm
controlled by the mali government. the mali president declared a state of emergency. discouraging news surrounding the civil war in syria. after meeting in geneva the envoy said it at this time there is no military or political solution to the crisis in syria. me meantime, the fighting continues there. today rebels claim they captured the military air base in northern syria. an unconfirmed video shows the syrian army unleashing air strikes in the western part of that country. back here in california seeking revenge. the student who opened fire was targeting two classmates he felt had bullied him. the 16-year-old gunman shot one classmate. that victim remains in critical but stable condition. police say the teen then tried to shoot another student but missed. a science teacher confronted the suspect and kconvinced him to drop his handgun. a judge has postponed the arraignment for james holmes, the man accused of killing 12
6:32 pm
people at a colorado movie theater last summer, scheduled to happen today. the defense requested more time. many of the victims' families were disappointed by the delay. one father yelled, rot in hell, holmes. the arraignment is scheduled for march. prosecutors will then have two months to decide whether to seek the death penalty. raj? >> okay, thank you. we have a programming note for you. a special all-new two-hour edition of "dateline" will feature the case of michelle le. >> needless to say you don't like her. >> yeah. that's clear. >> tonight's episode will feature never before scene video of her convict ed killer in the interrogation room, giselle he is at testeban. date line said they were intrigued because of the efforts by le's family, search team and investigators. they talk in great lengths about
6:33 pm
electronic evidence now used in pros are cuting many murder cases. >> anytime we are around and walking, even asleep, somebody knows where we are or can find out. someone is either watching or can watch after we've already done something. and this, of course 0, is how they wound up solving this particular crime. >> that was keith morrison, the very successful reporter that's work iing on this story. you can watch this two-hour edition of "dateline" beginning at 9:00 right here tonight on nbc bay area. it is remarkable but an indiana boy abducted 9 years ago has finally been found and he isn't a boy anymore. richard landers jr. was kidnapped in indiana during a custody dispute when he was just 5. his grandparents were charged with interference of custody at the time. but the charge was dismissed in 2008. after that the case went cold. landers, now 24 years old, was found living in long prairie, minnesota, under a different
6:34 pm
name. he's married now and he is expecting his first child. they are work iing to reunite h with his mother. >> still ahead here at 6:00, the tale of famed san francisco twins. they're known for their charm and those great matching outfits. tonight the city is mourning one of its most recognizable residents. and as we continue our countdown to the big game, 49ers coach jim harbaugh sits down with us. what he's say iing about the infamous quarterback battle and some of the biggest names on the team. and good evening on this friday. i'm chief jeff ranieri. temperatures are dropping right now and it's going to be an easy plummet after starting off in the 20s this morning,s one of the coldest. fair field at 26. do expect some sun and clouds on your saturday. so... [ gasps ]
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the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real.
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they were hard to miss and beloved by all. san francisco sadly has lost one of its most recognizable residents. vivian brown, one hatch of the brown twins died. >> one of the most colorful twins in the country. joe rosato jr. has reaction from those who knew them well. >> reporter: san francisco has long been a city of character, the unusual, the eclectic, the unique. >> the city is made up of icons. the city is made up of historical spots, the brown twins represented a part of that. >> she was a little pearl. >> reporter: for decades twins vivian and marianne brown had locals and visitors seeing double. >> they were extremely well dressed and cheerful and with a great smile. >> that is so cute.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: the twins were colorful fixtures at union square where they lived, quick with a sigh mull tapous smile or wave, always dressed to the nines in matching outfits, happy to pose for a picture. >> touristses and local people would wait for the cable car, stop and ask for a picture. always a good moment. >> i am vivian. i am the original by eight minutes. >> and i am marianne. >> reporter: recently older sister vivian was stricken with alzheimer's and placed in a care home separating the sisters for the first time. she died wednesday night at the age of 85. >> a terrible loss for us. a terrible loss for us. >> reporter: the loss was felt in all the hearts from uncle vito's pizza where they dined nightly to scala's restaurant where they ate every saturday night at their own special table. >> it's almost like they're stars. do i say hello? do i not say hello? they would say hello first so it
6:39 pm
doesn't matter. >> reporter: the twins appeared in numerous advertisements. >> they have made a difference for just being friendly and local and identical. >> reporter: the mayor says the city was heartbroken by the loss. marianne brown denied interview requests today but the emptiness on the streets where the twins would charm anyone who came upon them. >> so cute. i love you. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> i used to see them all the time down by the frog city diner close to the embarcadero. they always looked spectacular and so friendly. >> nice story. all right, jeff. we have the weekend here. >> j he essica got cold in the studio. people heading into san francisco. we'll let you know how low temperatures will go and who will go below 25 degrees coming up in a few minutes. brr, jeff.
6:40 pm
san francisco's quest for a super bowl title kicks off less than 24 hours from now. today their opponents arrived in the bay area. we'll hear from the 49ers and why they feel they had such a great week when we continue. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.
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double up on the gloves, the scarf, the coat. >> walking around like this. >> but warm. >> yes, you would be definitely warm doubling up. that's some great advice as we head throughout tomorrow morning especially numbers dropping into the 40s. 47 in santa rosa. down into the 20s and 30s. 48 in san jose and 47 currently in sunnyvale. the freeze warning is in effect if you're tuning in for the first time tonight. the most critical spot for saturday morning and also into sunday and even monday. areas in the 20s and 30s will be the north bay, east bay and for the south bay. this kind of weather here several nights in a row, some crop damage. when all is said and done by some time next week with the coldest range 25 to 29 degrees. let's take you outside on this blustery evening in san jose. it is clear. we had some cloud cover earlier
6:43 pm
today. a lot of that trying to push on out and that clearing above is going to allow those temperatures to go ten degrees below average. san francisco brilliant lights tonight from the emeryville camera looking about back to downtown. windchill is making it feel like the upper 30s this hour. let's get you back on the weather boards and as we head throughout the next couple of days we do have high pressure offshore. some warming that will take so long to get here probably not going to see impacts on this, our seven-day forecast until wednesday and thursday of next week. right now it is all about the chill. the jet stream is sinking way down. not only to southern california, as we mentioned earlier, all the way down to mexico. it's going to wrap this polar air as we head saturday and sunday for the coldest air at least in the past year. so that's going to mean temperatures will get down to 28 in livermore. santa rosa 31. napa 28. gilroy 28 as well. concord 29. so near record setting territory as we head throughout the next
6:44 pm
24 hours. eventually in livermore that warming as we head throughout mid next week. some 50s coming our way. other cold spots, 30 in los g gatos. 35 in santa cruz. you know it is a cold event when even at the coast line you have temperatures dropping into the 30s and also 31. plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. by all accounts a real nice day coming our way. a bit of cloud cover passing on by. by this weekend the winner is, well, it's going to be you. that's right. golden globes coverage here on nbc with temperatures cold for those stars, some of those backless and sleeveless dresses. i don't know if the stars will be happy with temperatures in the 40s. the it could be interesting out there on the red carpet. on the three-day forecast, temperatures near 50 with some dry weather also into monday's forecast. i thought that was fun. fun to host that thing where you have amy fuller and tina fay. and that's a show you cannot miss here on nbc bay area at 5:00 on sunday and don't forget
6:45 pm
the 49ers and green bay. they could be shocked by the cold. >> green bay? >> you know, coming to the bay area. >> is he lobbying for another job, to host the golden globes? thank you, jeff. this evening, speaking of the 49ers, they are at their team hotel on the peninsula. even for home games they stay in a hotel the night before. tomorrow, as we talked about, the playoff showdown against the packers at candlestick. now amidst all this playoff hype head coach jim harbaugh sat down with our dave feldman today. >> four months ago when we talked before the season you said games were like going to the dentist. now you have a playoff game coming. are playoff games more like dentists without novocaine? is it more fun or less fun now that the stakes are even higher? >> three hours of sitting in the dentist's chair, like someone is doing a root canal on you.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: playoffs, it could be the last if you lose. >> i'm very excited with the team. there's no team i would rather go it in with than our team. it is a team that embraces that put up or shut up, that win or you go home. and they're excited about it. there's no more fun you could have than winning a playoff game, the postseason, whether it's baseball or football or basketball because those mean so much. >> a year ago you had never coached a team in the playoffs and the guys had never been to the playoffs. now you have an experience under your belt, more familiar feeling, more comfortable feeling, more confident? >> i think that there is more confidence of knowing what's in store for them whereas last year it was a bit of the unknown and
6:47 pm
tell them how different it was and he saw that was just the way we play. all out and every play, win or lose the game, every series like the game is going to hang in the balance, like this could be your last. so i think that's the mindset of our team. >> do you have a feeling the players feel like this is unfinished business? the goal is to win the super bowl. they're not going, oh, my god, we're happy to be here. there's three more games still to get the ultimate goal. >> yeah, i think they look at it three super bowls, as a matter of fact. you have to win all three. as far as the business it is, it's new business, and we're excited to have the opportunity and, like i said, they play their guts out. >> reporter: you evaluate everybody. you made the quarterback switch, you knew you would be open to second-guessing. are you happy with how kaepernick is playing and how big will it be for him playing
6:48 pm
in this first playoff game as a starter? >> yes, i am happy with colin's play. i'm happy with alex's play. to look at the quarterback play as a whole, it's been very good. and his preparation is going well. he understands the game plan, and that's all i can ask. >> reporter: you run the football, the third most of any team in the nfl. frank gore hasn't gone over 100 in a while. i don't think he has since kap became the starter. is it his goal to go over 100 or part of the plan that doesn't have to happen? >> it doesn't have to happen. the main thing is we score more points. terrific games, a couple of his best games he was in the 80s. but frank is a true football player and he'll make the most of every catch in this it game.
6:49 pm
>> let's bring in jim kozemore. he joins us from our newsroom. we have our spot on the couch ready to go for tomorrow night. >> that's what i like to hear, gang. i might be joining you. you just never know. i may show up at your houses. the bay area is abuzz. we're less than 24 hours away from what may be the most anticipated game of the weekend in the entire national football league. the 49ers and packers. green bay's players and their coaches arrived in san francisco this afternoon. tomorrow night's game starts at 5:00 p.m., the second time the two teams will play this season as the 49ers won in green bay and the very first sunday of the regular season. 3 30-it 22 the final score. more on how the 49ers feel can confident going into this game. >> reporter: the 49ers wrapped up their last practice friday morning before their game against the packers, right where they want to be. >> i feel we had our best week
6:50 pm
of practice this week. execution, energy, focus. it was all there this week. you know, lacking sometimes in the regular season but, you know, if you know the 49ers playing prime time. the team loves to win. we'll enjoy the success we have. >> it is playoff time. a lot of guys joking around, having fun. it's the green bay packers, just having fun being ourselves. >> reporter: the fun and focus go hand-in-hand because the 49ers have been here before, going through the same process last season calmed the nerves and boosted the confidence this time around. >> i think this year we understand where we want to go and what we have to do to get there. the focus is way up and, you know, physically everybody is on it. >> i'm ready to play. i am ready to play. >> we're loose.
6:51 pm
we know what it takes. tease it's our third. we're loose. we have one goal in mind. that's to go to the super bowl. >> i feel real good about the way our team prepares, the way they study for this test. that's what it is. the way the meetings are, the practice sessions are and go out and compete like maniacs. >> reporter: the players are well rested after that first-round bye. the players say their preparation went so well and the pace went so quickly that they often finished early. in santa clara, mindy bock, nbc bay area. thank you, mindy. more 49ers owner eddie debart o debartolo, owner for each of the team's five super bowl championships. former raiders defensive tackle warren sapp also named as a finalist as was former raiders wide receiver tim brown. between four and seven new
6:52 pm
members will be selected february 7, the day before the super bowl. on to the nba and it now appears a deal has been reached to sell the sacramento kings. contributor matt steinbach is reporting seattle in which san francisco ties will buy the kings from the family for $525 million, the highest amount ever paid for an nba team. meantime, the sacramento bee is reporting the founder of 24-hour fitness has put together a graup to buy the team and keep it in the capital city. he says they've been in touch with the maloofs. now on to the golden state warriors, back in action tonight taking on the portland trail blazers at oracle arena. that game will kick off if less than an hour. the warriors have lost two straight games. the warriors have not lost three in a row all year long. tonight's game also a homecoming for portland guard and former oakland high star david willard, are the early favorite to win the rookie of the year in the
6:53 pm
nba. >> i just got a text message from reggie miller telling me how he has been looking forward to this matchup for a long time. a very good player with a bright, bright future. and we knew it, you know, draft, and he certainly has done everything to show that everybody was right, with that assessment of his ability. >> he's a great kid. they are flown down to oakland for this game tonight. highlights and postgame reaction at 11:00. where will you two it be watching the 49ers game? really on your couch? >> i invited jessica over for the game. we're going to watch it, if she comes. >> i'll pick jeff up and a bag of popcorn. >> absolutely. >> the more the merrier. for a full half hour of local sports coverage watch sports net central on comcast at 10:30.
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very cold outside tomorrow morning. the gist of what jeff was telling. >> that is a big part of it. 20s and 30s. as we head throughout the game, we'll have temperatures in the 40s at 7:00 p.m. but the winds could make it feel like the low 40s. dry weather all the way through next week. temperatures even into tuesday morning will likely stay in the upper 20s and low 30s. >> dry is good. >> yes, it is. >> have a great weekend. we hope to see you back at 11:00. ♪
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s >> now on "extra" -- >> "extra, extra!" >> ben oscar oscar snub revenge. >> i would like to thank the academy. >> hollywood is like up in arms about you not being nominated. >> how ben just got the last laugh. plus bradley cooper on his academy award. >> is she excited? >> no, she's nervous. >> then new backlash over seth mcfarlane's unp.c. oscar joke. >> who's blasting seth today and how he's firing back. we're inside the ball room and they set up for sunday's golden globes. but are the hosts prepping for a spin-off job? >> sounds swell. >> now trending -- al roker unleashed to defend matt lauer. >> it's a lie, out and out lie. >> rob lowe's verdict on casey anthony. does he think she'sui


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